Swimming Lessons - Children's


Children and grandchildren of fitness center members have the option to take swimming lessons during the spring and summer. Swimming lessons at WK are for children ages 5 -12. The sessions are divided into two types of swimmers, sharks and minnows.

Sharks are children ages 5 -12 who can swim ¼ to ½ the length of the pool independently. In this class swimmers will work on strokes and endurance.

Minnows are children ages 5 – 12 who are just learning how to swim. The class will concentrate on floating, kicking, putting their faces in the water, gliding and using their arms.

Additional Information

A parent or grandparent must be a WK Fitness & Wellness Center member for the child to participate.

Children Ages 5-12 *no exceptions*

Only 8 children for minnows and only 8 children for sharks. No exceptions.



$75 per child for members children and grandchildren.

$150 for non-members.

Upcoming Swimming Lessons - Children's Classes

No upcoming sessions are currently scheduled for this class. Please check back often.